Foam is a versatile product used in disposable food-grade foodservice supplies and protective packaging material.

Foam is often mistakenly referred to as Styrofoam, but the two products are not the same. Styrofoam, a registered trademark of the Dow Chemical Company, is used for insulation. Dart foam is used to manufacture cups and food containers. The information below pertains to foam, not Styrofoam.

GoFoam supports the environmental and economic benefits of foam in Wales. It is our mission to correct pervasive misinformation about polystyrene packaging and to educate the Welsh community about the benefits of foam.

Foam products are lightweight, strong, heat resistant, insulated, moisture resistant, affordable, and compliant with all EU legislation.
Restaurant owners, patrons, and tourists have come to rely on foam foodservice cups and containers for their convenience, affordability, and effectiveness. Banning polystyrene packaging in Wales will hurt the local economy while failing to address the underlying littering behavior, which is really the source of the problem.

The solution? Recycling! Polystyrene foam is 100% recyclable, and foam manufacturers are dedicated to increasing recycling efforts in Wales and encourage comprehensive educational programs for consumers. The foam manufacturing industry supports sustainability, stewardship, and carbon footprint decreases in foam products. When PS foam is recycled, it can be made into a variety of useful products such as picture frames, interior moulding, rulers, and even pens!